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Graphic & Web Design: What is their Relationship?

Graphic & Web Design: What is their Relationship?

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Graphic Design, Web Design | 0 comments

Graphic design is nothing more than the whole process of creating and developing visual content with the purpose of enhancing communications and helping brands, companies, or groups connect with their respective audience in the form of ads, marketing materials, graphics, and even internal documents. These designs rely on the usage of colors, typography, lines, shapes, and appropriate text.

On the other hand, web design is the creation of websites and pages on the internet that will be used for personal purposes or to create value and content as a brand or company that desires to expand its offerings to the digital world. Appearance and design are incorporated with the usage of elements and creativity. Thanks to its usefulness, it is one of those services that are in demand.

Graphic & Web Design: What is their Relationship?

When it comes to these career path, people tend to believe that they are the same thing, but in reality, they have some differences between each other to the point that they could be considered extreme opposites as there are specific skill sets that can be required in one but not even used in the other.

As an example, web designers will be always working digitally, meaning that they will need extra knowledge and skills with programming elements and online tools/software that they will need to master to make changes to the website. On the other hand, graphic desiernes focuses more on ads, marketing materials, logos, social media images and even newsletters as they will be the ones creating innovative designs that can be used by companies or brands to enhance communications with customers or investors.

However, when it comes to their relationship, they seem to work well together as web designers will need to add logos and company content to the website, meaning that it is possible that a graphics designer is needed for the creation of such elements.

Differences Between Graphic Design & Web Design:

One is Static while the Other is Interactive:

The designs created by graphic designers will be always static as they only carry information or certain content used to catch the attention of viewers, however, web designers need to create interactive websites that can make users interact by clicking buttons, enhancing navigation and adding other functionalities.

Different Software:

Both paths use different software as they need completely different tools. While graphic designers rely on editing software for their sketches or images, web designers need programming and web building tools. Meaning that there are times where the skill level is completely different.

Websites need Constant Care:

Unlike with the designs made by graphical designers (unless changes are requested on the original work), websites require constant care even after their deployment as there are many updates that need to be made and content that must be added on a regular basis, and that is something that the web designer must do, requiring continuous involvement with every single project.